Your Dedicated Business Advisor and Financial Partner

Our Mission

We believe the selection of an accounting firm is one of the most important business decisions an individual or business can make. In today’s complex financial environment, the firm you select should provide more than auditing services and tax planning. It should be your advisor – a partner that you can turn to year-round, whenever you are faced with a decision that will affect your financial future.

Wong, Mui & Chiao LLP would like to be your financial partner. The Firm’s professionals have been joined together by a common culture and shared values which have fostered their dedication to exceptional client service, to an unparalleled commitment to quality, to working together as a team, and to recognizing the importance of people.

Our goal is not only provide clients with quality accounting services, we pride ourselves to be a year-round advisors whom our clients can call on whenever they face decisions that affect their financial future.

The Global Vision

As trade barriers between countries disappear and markets flourish abroad, all businesses face the challenge of globalization. Wong Mui & Chiao helps clients meet this challenge so that they will thrive in this dynamic economic environment. Long-term relationships and international contacts are a precious asset of the firm. Through our international affiliates and other contacts, Wong Mui & Chiao maintains close ties with legal, banking and consulting professionals in California and major cities abroad. Located in San Francisco Bay Area, the gateway to the Pacific Rim and Latin America, Wong Mui & Chiao serves companies with complex international issues. Wong Mui & Chiao successfully serves Silicon Valley companies doing business overseas, in environments with multi-country rules, tax treaties and cultural considerations.

Recent News

The long-standing and well established local Bay Area accounting firm, Mui & Chiao, has recently partnered with two other practices to better serve its Bay Are community. Now officially Wong, Mui & Chiao, the firm boasts offices from San Francisco all the way to the South Bay. With global resources and a focus on local service, Wong, Mui & Chiao is poised for a new era of success and prosperity for its clients.